I started writing this blog in 1999, before the word “blog” was in vogue. Some people say that www.manfrommatunga.com was the first Indian blog site. Not that it matters.

I stopped in 2003. Then I started writing for Mumbai Mirror from 2005 till 2014 after which I had a few sporadic pieces in the Mirror and on the site.

I am back again. I have a companion medical site on living long, healthy, www.matkamedicine.com, but this one is meant for the usual stuff…rants, peeves, pleasures of living in Matunga, Mumbai and India.

The site has 3 sections. The main section is for general posts. The Matunga section is specifically for posts on Matunga, a central suburb of Mumbai, where I live. The third section is the Legacy section, where I am re-posting some of my old articles.

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